Back to School Self-Care Tips

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Summer is officially over and now we are in the season of back-to-school  It can sometimes be heard adjusting the schedule to accommodate kids and the hustle and bustle of their schedules, let alone factoring in your own.  Have you found yourself overwhelmed, or maybe just rushing to try and keep up the pace?  No worries, Self-Care Señorita is here to provide you five ways to hack the back-to-school doldrums. 

Plan out your meals for week. 
    What does this mean? It means looking at the school lunch calendar to see if there are any lunches that you’ll have to pack for that week.  If you have a child who is a picky eater or has allergies meal prepping and planning the week out is absolutely integral to make sure that there’s no hiccups throughout the week. If you can also meal prep for dinner that week there’s some really great recipes here that you can nail prep and have food ready so that way you were not having to worry and scrambled the last minute to feed your family or yourself.  Need some dinner ideas, try here.


    Plan out the week's clothes. 

      Your calendar should be your best friend by now.  Let's take a look at our calendar and see what the week holds, and then try to lay out or pull aside the outfits that you or your children will need for the week. I do this on Sundays and it has saved me so much angst and energy in the morning because I can simply go over and grab what we need in the morning.  If you have children that are in sports or other activities have their bag for the week packed and ready if you can; those few minutes of pre-planning can save you ten to fifteen minutes of running around and scrambling, and this can lead to a lot of anxiety or chaos for the home, so why not stave off a melt down or tantrum if you can?


      Schedule out rest time in self care for yourself.

        If you work full time, part-time, stay at home or work from home, being a parent is a lot of hard work.  Making sure that you schedule time for yourself and your self-care is integral; remember that you can't give and do for others if you are run down and exhausted.  Schedule self-care time into your calendar, such as lunch with a friend or a work out,  or maybe a pamper me session.  Whatever works for you as self-care, make sure that that’s part of your back-to-school routine.
        Plan to do homework
        Yep I said it!  That ugly monster homework invades our homes and create quite a bit of trouble.  If your children are faced with homework, what is your plan to ensure they get the work done in the least stressful manner?  Is there a routine that you can set with them after school? Maybe an after school snack?  If so, check out this link for 21 easy after school snacks.  Do you check their homework and ensured that they’re understanding the information that’s given to them?  Having a plan in place, especially if you have active kids with activities creates routine, which will help to reduce a lot of stress on all parties.

        Plan for the unexpected.

        I know that sounds so funny because you can’t really plan for what you don’t know but do you have an emergency kit in your car in case your car breaks down?  Do you have a backup set of clothes for yourself or for your children in case something happens in your travels? Do you have phone numbers of important people in a place that you need to contact in case something happens? It sounds a little doomsday planning, but thinking ahead for anything that may happen really does help in case something does happen and will help to eliminate additional stress and worries that may occur.  

        And while all of these tips are helpful, by no means are they the right answer for everyone, or solve all problems, but a general concept of things that can help that back-to-school chaos be slightly minimized.  Who doesn't need a little more efficiency in ease in their lives?

        Go out and conquer school and work and snacks and all that jazz and remember -- be selfish with your self-care




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