Favorite Fall Self-Care Activities

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What are some of your favorite forms of Fall self-care activities? I am an unabashed basic bitch for Fall!  I love pumpkin spice coffee, hay rides, pumpkin patches, apple picking, Halloween and all the goodness that comes with the onset of Fall.   Come September 1st, my Fall decorations start going up at my house and every week some new type of Fall decoration is added.   You may think this is crazy but if Christmas people can start putting their stuff up in the beginning of November I surely can get to four months to celebrate fall and Halloween.

Below are three of my top must-do holiday self-care activities

Pumpkin patch
A pumpkin patch is one of those fall concepts that really is as nostalgic and americana as it gets we are fortunate in the Western Pennsylvania area to have so many amazing pumpkin patches that are available to you see the list below but why a pumpkin patch? Pumpkin patches are so much fun most of the pumpkin patches in my area offer all activities such as face painting for kids hay-rides pumpkin picking apple picking and all kinds of other fun fall activities. Here is a great list of local patches to check out
Friday night under the lights or Sunday football. If you’ve grown up in a football town or in a football area you know the excitement that comes with a Friday night game under the lights. Having grown up in a town where football was a big deal, and the special bonding time I got with my grandfather, football hold a really special place in my heart.   Even if football isn’t your favorite sport or you don’t know much about it there’s something so nostalgic and wonderful of being able to to a local game.  In Western PA we are an ethnic hotbed, so the food at football games is also another reason to attend!  You can get everything from tacos and meatball sandwiches to gyros and hoagies, so if you are a foodie, it's another added bonus!  Maybe high school football isn't your thing?  We have quite a few college football programs and the world famous, Pittsburgh Steelers at the professional level you can check out. 
Halloween Activities
I know not everyone celebrates Halloween or participates but there are so many fun activities that come with Halloween. The big holiday favorite is hands down trick-or-treat where the kids get to dress up in costumes and go house to house filling up their bags and buckets with treats. I grew up in a neighborhood where trick-or-treat was always a really big deal and anywhere between 300 to 400 children would come through on Halloween night asking for their goodies.  I still love being able to stand outside and see the kids and friends now with their children as we’ve grown up all decked out in family costumes.  For my family, my son loves Halloween and it’s one of his favorite holidays and has been since he was a baby.  We are that family that dress up every year and have matching family costumes.  I know it may seem silly to some, but until my son outgrows the novelty and the excitement for it I am going to go with it!  There are other alternatives to trick-or-treat like  trunk or treat where trucks and cars get together and decorate their trunks and kids can go get candies that way. There’s the costume parties at school and then there’s also the novelty of being able to participate at school activities with other fall programs like painting pumpkins or decorating jack-o-lanterns.  
This is not a comprehensive nor exhaustive list of Fall activities, and really geared towards kids -- so if you are an adult -- what are your favorite Fall activities?
Be selfish with your Fall self-care, 
P.S.!  Don't forget to join us tomorrow at Janoski's for our Pumpkin Patch Party



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