I’m the Señorita, but she’s the Mamacita!

Posted by Victoria Snyder on

This is about all of the Moms, or sisters, or friends who support your dreams and aspirations.

This is for the women who build other women up, and serve as a sounding block for their fears.

This is for the women who can see what could be, when you see what can’t be.

This is for the women who give, and support, love and cherish you 100%.

For some of you each of the described can be someone different in your life, but for me, each of these is my mom. Since day 1 of starting Self-Care Señorita, my mom has been my biggest fan and supporter. She shares every post, she watches every live, she packed boxes with me, and helps to source all the goodies you find in the boxes. She listens to me as I talk through ideas, and offers clarity. She pushes me to do stuff when I’m tired and don’t want to but should. She often takes Braxton during the time I have lives or other events so I can do it with out being bothered but a toddler.

I’m not sure what the year would have looked like for me if I hadn’t been pushed to really make Self-Care Señorita a thing. I’m not sure how I would be mentally, or emotionally. As most parents, they know what a child needs before the child realizes it, and I think my Mom knew all along that I needed a new project that gave me a sense of purpose. I am thankful for her, and her support, love and kindness during my journey as an entrepreneur.

Not only did she support my journey, but she started one her self as well! Jems by Juju started as a hobby to kill time during the pandemic, but she watched more videos and taught her self more skills on making jewelry. Now she has so much inventory, and the pieces are so beautiful, that I find my self in wonder thinking how she learned all of what she did on her own in such a short amount of time. I am not crafty— to see someone build and make something with their hands is truly awe inspiring. I often go through her jewelry she has made and see how precious and beautiful the bracelets are. I see myself wearing them, and even though I have a few, I hold back from taking the lot ( I don’t want to be selfish and deprive all of you from the goodies!).

So, you see, I may be the Señorita, but she’s the Mamacita —- powerful and supportive, loving and caring, and I could not do half of what I do if it wasn’t for her. So to all of your Mamacitas that support you, and love you, I toast to you, with admiration and love, with a grateful heart for all that you pour into others. Salud!




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