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My brain functions on a lot of platforms, doing a lot of things, all at the same time. Because of that, I often get lost in the sauce. What does that mean? It means, I can be writing a blog, and an idea sparks, and that leads to me to a search engine, and now I’m looking up the mating habits of rabbits when my blog post was on fitness. Does this happen to you?

If indeed it does, you, probably like me, need something to get you back on track. I have a great morning routine to set the day: I say my prayers, light a candle, smudge some sage, and my manifestation words are prosperity, joy, and love, and I decide how and in which way I want to manifest each of those every day. However, by lunchtime, I feel a lag, a little bit of the doldrums, and a huge to-do list in front of me. It spikes my anxiety, and next thing you know —- I feel like I lost my day, or my day is almost over, and LOOK, nothing was accomplished.

So, I’m changing that pattern. If I can set a morning manifestation routine, why cannot set an afternoon manifestation routine? On my calendar every day I block 12-1 pm for me. Sometimes it’s for lunch, other times for webinars, but I always use that time for something for me. The other day — it was to do laundry, and that made me happy because it was one less thing on my to-do list.  

This week, starting today, I am changing that noon hour to my manifestation and dream time. I won’t need the whole hour, but I am dedicating that hour to me.   

Why is manifesting our intentions so important? Just like a vision board, setting and saying manifestations of what you want and to accomplish create accountability and a sense of purpose. If I=you say it and write it, now it’s real and not just in your head, and there is a better chance to accomplish the task when it is set before you and not in the ether. 

Not sure how to start manifesting greatness? No worries below are some great ways to start manifesting intentions and creating a practice to alter the way you think about yourself, and how you get things done.

Find a space — a quiet one preferably and close your eyes. Listen to what is happening in your surroundings. Currently, the birds are singing to me, and I can smell the wet grass and air. The air is cool and damp and leaves little goosebumps on my arms. The dog is softly snoring, and in the distance, I can hear a car running. 

Now, that I have attuned my body to my surroundings, I need to shut them out. They can be the background noise to my moment of me. I begin with a deep breath in, I slowly let the air out. Repeat three times. This is a call of awakening to your body, and giving yourself, the chance to feel the breath come in and fill you, and release to dispel the yuckiness.   

Begin with this sentence: 

  • I begin this moment in peace. I sit at this moment in love. I hold this space for me. I recognize the power I have to set the intentions of my heart and mind and to push them forward as manifestations of goodness.

Next, set two or three intentions that you want for the day. An example is below.

  • I set the intentions of prosperity, in the idea that the things that come to me today bring prosperity and fruitfulness to my family. I set the intentions of joy, that it finds me and that I can give joy to others. I set my intentions on love, that I may receive it, give it, and hold it close to those that are in need. I set my intentions that the work that I do today be life-changing to those I encounter.

It’s that easy. You can just say your intentions, or you can write them down. Some like to write them down and then throw them away or keep them. This is your moment —- your intentions, you decide what and how you want to live them out. 

Take a few minutes today at mid-day to try this out and not just for one day, but a whole week and see how your mindset shifts and changes to support those intentions, and you just might be surprised at what you can manifest.

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