New Year, New You, New Goals

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I think collectively we can all agree that 2021 was a pretty terrible year.  Just as December 31 was rounding the corner home, and many of us had hope for a new start, the world cried as 2021 did it's last cruel thing: it took Betty White from us.  A cultural treasure, a woman who in her youth broke barriers, in her mid-life was a staple on television and as she aged ever so gracefully became a cultural phenomenon. 

Normally the last week of December I do a vision board and a mind map of goals and thing's I'd like to accomplish.  This year I did not, instead I wrote more of a broad to-do list that will eventually be mapped out more with detail, but honestly, I didn't have the gumption to do more. 

Setting goals right now sees silly when so much is going on around me.  Seeing people wrap up their year in posts on facebook, so many were filled with sadness, grief and pain.  Why can't my goals this year be to just survive?  To be happy?  To find joy?  Instead of setting a goal saying I want to hit x amount of dollars in my business this year, what if I instead frame the goal as "Accomplishing three things in 2022 for your business that you had previously not done."  Leaving it "open" gives me space to define the goal down the road, but also, to set something that feels achievable right now. 

The one thing I did do, that has helped me dramatically with goal setting is a habit tracker.  With my ADHD I can get distracted rather easily, and even with the best intentions forget some of the things I was supposed to do and get off to doing something else.  I downloaded Habit -- an app in the App store that is pretty easy to use, and also, has some great reminders.  It has some habits already built in that you can choose, such as eating vegetables, reading, walking, etc.  You can also customize a habit and set the frequency in which you want to achieve that goal. 

The app has been very beneficial for me in personal and professional goals.  I've always been committed to working out, but never found the time because of work-life balance.  The app is a small reminder of the things I still have to do for the day, when I get lost in the shuffle of working and being a mom.  The visuals, of seeing what habits I perform most consistency opposed to those that I lack the least amount of consistency has been eye opening as well.  The notifications, albeit sometimes annoying, is still a great reminder in the middle of the day to check in on the things that still need to be accomplished.  I also haven't guilted by the app because I did not achieve or complete a habit that day, and that has also helped with accomplishing more.  

So for 2022 I am setting goals, broad goals, ones that can be outlined, amended, and edited as I live my life. Here are my five big goals for 2022, what are yours?

1. Live intentionally.  Like really live, not just pass through the emotions and motions. 

2. Accomplish three new things previously not accomplished for my business in 2022. 

3. Patience.  The Lord has been helping me with this a lot the last few years, but it's still something I need to practice more of. 

4. Listen more than you speak. 

5. Commit to wellness.  Mind, Body and Spirit.  

I'll check back in at the end of Q1 with all of you, as ad Hoc accountability partners and let you know how the goals are going.  

As always, be selfish with your self-care

Happy New Year, 




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