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If someone asked you to come up with five POSITIVE words to say about yourself, what would they be?






Okay —- now was that exercise easy or hard for you? Easy —- well go on bad girl with your bad self and being all positive and manifesting greatness. Was that difficult? Maybe a little uncomfortable? What negative words came to mind first, and why? Is that self-talk, or are those preconceived notions being held by your past trapped in your head?

Self-Talk is powerful —- when we speak of ourselves in a positive light, we can conquer and achieve so much, but negative self-talk is like a self-fulfilling prophecy, if I think I am worthless, or not enough, then I will be. Who in your past or present has shared negative self-talk or self-image with you? Did you know that hurt people, hurt people and that their negative talk of you, or others are actually a manifestation of their own self-doubts insecurities, and ill will?

While negative self-talk is more pervasive, I want us to work on eliminating it from our vocabulary. Are you ready to not only feel like a badass but think and act like one too?

Step 1: Write down the negative words that come to mind. Yes, write them down. Make them big and bold.

Step 2: Take that paper, and rip it up, burn it, stomp on it, cuss at it and throw it away. The words are removed from our heads and no longer hold space there.

Step 3: Write down four loving words about yourself. Here is mine: compassionate, caring, supportive, loving.

Step 4: Write down four loving words bout your body: Here is mine: great boobs ( LOL ), full lips, big hips, soft skin.

Step 5: Write down four loving words that you want others to think or feel about you. Here is mine: great mother, supportive friend, community advocate, compassionate caregiver.

Now, take that paper —- and post it where you can see it every day —- in a mirror, on your desk, the refrigerator, etc. Make a copy, post multiple copies, and so those words to yourself every day.

Here is an example of positive self-talk mantra: I am a queen, born of power and grace, I believe I can achieve my goals ___ to effect change in my life. I am ____, ____, ____, and _____. I believe I can, and will be _____. Others will see me as _____ and ____ and I will do my part to be caring, compassionate and kind to those I encounter. I know I can do the things I set my mind to because I am a powerful, positive, energetic human being, who was placed here to ____.

Now go forth—- be smart—- be a badass—- and turn those negative thoughts into positive self-love language.


Be selfish with your self care,




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