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I’m not in a romantic relationship, but I still love, love. I actually adore seeing photos of couples together. Proposals? Oh give me all the feels. Just because I am not in a partnership doesn’t mean I have to feel bitter or that I am missing out. When Valentine’s Day comes around, I always love celebrating it with the cutest gifts for friends. That’s one of the reasons why I created a Self-Care Simplified Valentine’s Day Box (well, two versions, actually). I love to gift my friends, and I love making gifts. So much consideration, thought, and research goes into each of my boxes. I always want to ensure you feel that you are getting the most bang for your buck, so I want it to be filled with all kinds of goodies, and goodies you will use.

Now, because we are older, I get to treat my nieces and nephews and nothing makes me happier. Today, I mailed out three Valentine’s Day gift boxes for the kiddos —- and made up a cute little box for my own little guy. Teaching that love is genuine, kind, and real at a young age is vastly important for children’s emotional intelligence and development.

Today, my son had his first Valentine’s Day party where he understood the concept. We wrote out our card, we made up goodie bags for the kids, and a treat bag for the teachers. He had his whale Valentine’s Day box, and was SO PROUD to take it to school. Normally, he’s a bear in the morning and wants nothing to do with pants ( I feel ya Buddy!), nor going out in the cold (same!), but today, in his V-Day shirt, and Valentine’s in hand, he was ready to go out the door and party. I can’t wait to see the joy he has from the gifts he received from his little friends tonight.

Valentine’s Week is the perfect time to gift someone you love. It shows you care, it shows you are present, and in a year that has been full of fear and worry, why not fill it with the most love you can get? We have a ton of boxes to choose from (my personal fav right now is the sleep box) and you can customize them with pictures or a note card (drop us a DM or email) and we will take care of all of your gifting needs.

Self-Care is meant to be selfish —- truly! When our metaphorical cup is empty, we can’t give any of that rich, delicious goodness to anyone else. So we fill up our cup to sustain us, and then happily, can pour into others.

Gift yo self, gift your friends, even, gift your mailman!


Remember, Be Selfish with your Self-Care




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