Why You Should Put All Your Eggs In the Basket

Posted by Victoria Snyder on

Are you a jump-in, feet-first type of person? Throw caution to the wind? Or, are you more reserved, and calculated, thinking of every possible outcome with every decision? Is it possible to be both? Well, yes, because that is me!

As a business coach, specifically with startups, I spend all day, every day working with people to get their dreams up and going. It’s fulfilling and rewarding work, but it’s also emotionally taxing. Starting and owning a business is not for the faint of heart. There are so many things one must do in order to even get a business up and running, forget the idea of being profitable. Even before you sell your first item you have to file for a license, file for an EIN, a DUNS number, set up a business bank account, and that’s not even in coordination with what you have to do on the back end to decide what you will sell, who you will sell to or why.

With all the stress that comes with owning a business, why would anyone want to do this? Simple-because of a dream. Some people see a need that they want to fill, and that is why they start a business. Some want the independence of running their own business and not relying on anyone else for how they will access or achieve their income. Some people will be business owners for a period, and some for their whole lives. Some will fail, some will succeed, but what each one will achieve is that they went all in, feet first into a scary unknown, not even sure of what the reward could potentially be.

I started my business out of a need and a want. I was burned out and run down from working a corporate job as an EVP. Being a newly single mom, managing a lot of calendars and projects, and dealing with postpartum anxiety, it was all too much, and I ended up in the hospital. In the ambulance I remember feeling so scared, not for me, but what would happen to my son if something happened to me? How sick was I? Was I going to be able to care for him? I cried in the ambulance, and they thought it was because I was scared. I was crying because I saw a life that I did not want to live flashing before my eyes.

With doctor’s orders, I was forced to take two weeks off of work, and during that time I had a come to Jesus with myself. With my mom by my side, we started mapping out what could be next for me. Even at that time, I had no idea what I wanted to do career-wise moving forward. Nothing felt like the right fit after having spent nearly a decade in Higher Education and then five years in the film industry. I started Self-Care Senorita as a mode of catharsis for myself; if I did not know what self-care was, I was sure so many others did not as well, and why not blog about it? In the process of exploring self-care was more than coffee and bubble baths, I found that self-care was really about saying no, setting boundaries, and finding joy every day. Through blogging, and finding a great business coach, Self-Care Senorita grew into an LLC, and into a subscription box service.

I know if the pandemic had not happened I would have never started my business. I would have been cautious, keeping my eggs in different baskets with fear of failure or all of the potential what-if scenarios looming over my head. However, the pandemic made me push myself out of my comfort zone, put all my damn eggs into one basket, and go for it. In May, Self-Care Senorita will be incorporated for one full year. In July we celebrated one year of its founding. For many small businesses, these markers are HUGE indicators that your dreams and the hard work you are putting in are paying off.

To my small business friends, friends who think they want to start a business put all your eggs in the basket. Go for it. Pursue the dream. Even if it does not turn out how you think it should, man, the growth and prosperity you will get from it will change your life. No one can know for sure if success will come, but with hard work, drive, and love, you may be able to change the world, your world, for you, and for your family. That’s why I did it. I wanted something more for my son, something more for me, and something to help others. It’s not easy every day to do this, self-doubt creeps in, and you do not always hit your monetary projections. What does happen though? I gained grit, perseverance, and a whole new set of skills that will help shape the course of the rest of my life.

Put your eggs in the basket, all of them, and set out on a new, great adventure!


Be selfish with your self-care and go for your dreams




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