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How many times a day are you telling yourself no? Doubting yourself? Thinking you do not have what it takes or are comparing yourself to others?

Why are you participating in this self-sabotage? Part of #selfcare is loving yourself, and when you think and say unkind words about yourself, why would anyone else think differently, if you can't value yourself enough? We see images of people who are successful, rich, have clean homes, happy children, and successful careers, and we compare ourselves to them. Listen --- all of that is smoke in mirrors, there is a reason why it's called social media --- it's our version of our social lives that we want others to see. Very few people will ever post their deepest struggle, that they are in a horrible marriage, that they hate their job, that they are insecure, scared, and worried. Why are so few people transparent? Well, who wants to scroll social media and see sadness, or let other people know we have a weakness? That type of transparency leaves us vulnerable, and that's something that a lot of us cannot do.

I wish my house was cleaner, I wish I was put together more, and more often. I wish I weighed a few (well a few few) pounds less. I wish I had the happy family picture with a husband, and children, the house with the fence, and a vacation home on the lake. Even typing that, I said to myself, "Is that what you want, or is that what you've seen and it looks really great from the outside?" I've had my own struggles and self-doubt. Imposter syndrome is real --- and it affects me in all chapters of my life. Most of the time I feel like I am faking it until I make it, and not giving myself enough credit that I am - beautiful, smart, resourceful, resilient, hardworking, loving, and worthy of the praise and admiration that is given to me.

There will always be someone who is better, faster, or stronger than you, but guess what? Growth and determination teach us valuable skills and lessons along the way. What you may falter at, someone else may be an expert in and vice versa. YOU ARE IT! You are the dream, you are the goal, and you are the greatest vision your ancestors could have ever imagined. Look at everything you have done, that you have learned, that you have accomplished, the lives you have impacted, the love and care you have provided, and realize, that YOU, are an amazing, powerful creature. When self-doubt starts to creep in, kick that shit to the curb, you have bigger, better things to do than waste your time on the "I'm not enough" and put that motivation into the "I'm more than enough" energy.

So stop comparing, stop doubting, and start believing in yourself. More people than you know look up to you, believe in you, and LOVE you! So it's up to YOU to start believing in yourself.


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