About Self-Care

Struggling with work-life balance, Founder, Victoria Snyder, M.Ed, MSLPA, needed more than an occasional vacation or scheduling a day off to feel like her life was in balance.  Burned out, run down exhausted and feeling like this was all life had to offer, Victoria decide to take matters into her own hands. 

In July of 2019, Self-Care Señorita was founded as a space and community dedicated to helping people find balance in life, set healthy boundaries, and find new, enjoyable ways to practice self-care. Our motto is simple: be selfish with your self-care.


Victoria Snyder, Founder of Self-Care Señorita sitting at a desk, smiling.

Self-care can look different for each and every person, and what each person needs can change day to day, week to week.  If you are looking for guidance, or a place to start on your self-care journey, join us here as we learn and grown together. 

 Not sure where to start?  We can help with that --- sign up for a 30 minute consultation to learn where your self-care concerns are and a path to start finding balance in your life again! 

Self-Care Consultation