Self-Care Simplified Financial Literacy Box

Self-Care Señorita

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Not all self-care is rainbows and butterflies, bubble baths, and trips around the world.  Self-care is also setting yourself up for success, and that's why we curated this financial literacy box!  This box is filled with goodies to help set you on the path to financial success!

Items in the box include: 

  • Green Diamond Pen from Santa Barbara Designs 
  • Green Vegan Leather Clutch
  • Facial Mask from Dirt Bag Beauty
  • Financial Planning Workbook from TF Publishing
  • Baby You Are SOOOO MONEY fragrance from Warm Human
  • Wax Melts 
  • Mexican Candies 

 Products in the box may vary depending on availability.

Support small, support local, and above all, support being selfish with your self-care.