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Self-Care Señorita

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Men deserve self-care too! We want to ensure that all men take a moment for themselves to truly cater and spend time making themselves feel like the King that they are. Our men's self-care boxes are a perfect treat for that perfect man. Our Self-Care Simplified box makes your self-care journey easy.  We provide hand-crafted goods, sourced from small and women-owned businesses that support all avenues as you navigate your journey of self-care.

The boxes, themed differently each month, offer the ability to explore various concepts and products around self-care, in the comfort of your own home.  With a combined retail value of over $120 (and including $60 of self-care coaching), purchasing our Self-Care Simplified box puts dollars back into the hands of our small businesses in communities like yours.

 Support small, support local, and above all, support being selfish with your self-care.